The Young Renegades Tour Part II

If anyone asks who my favorite band is, chances are, I'll say All Time Low. I've seen them 15 times over the years, but had never photographed them... until April 6th, 2018.


(The tour also featured Dreamers and Gnash.) (Shot for Big City Thoughts!)

I haven't spent much time in a photo pit lately, and was filled with an exhilarating feeling of both nerves and excitement. But while shooting the show is fun, one of my favorite parts about having a photo pass is getting to talk to the people in the front row. These fans, like I used to, have waited for hours to be close to their favorite artists, and are typically very friendly and curious about those on the other side of the barricade. It's very humbling sometimes to encounter people who genuinely think you are the coolest person ever... (when you are far from it lol)

They'll ask your name, who you're working for, what equipment you use, how you got to be there... and, it really makes you remember that getting to do what you get to do, IS COOL! Not everyone gets to have photo passes, or interview artists, and I think that fact gets forgotten the more you do it. This time, I talked to a particularly cool girl named Grace. She was so nice and made me feel so relaxed and at home in the pit. Another full circle moment came when a younger fan said it was her first time seeing All Time Low and was very much the "fangirl" that I once was, and lowkey 100% still am. 

It was my first full show with my new camera, and my first anything with my new lens. That took a bit of getting used to, and I shot the first 2 songs of the night in JPEG... but ended up realizing it in time and made it work with the edits. Gnash was also interesting, as I'm not used to shooting rappers, but genuinely enjoyed his set and being able to sing along to "i hate u, i love u". 





all time low

I genuinely love this band with my entire heart. They were the first band in this entire scene that I really got into and it led me down a path that would shape my music taste and concert experiences for the rest of my life. From traveling out of state, to attending meet & greets, to standing side stage, to hearing So Wrong It's Right two nights in a row... they've played an integral part in how I fell in love with live music. No matter how many times I see them, I am always filled with such a pure joy that has me feeling 15 again (in the best kind of way). Despite all of the wonderful memories I've made, none quite compared to the feeling of experiencing their energetic intro from feet away, with a camera in my hand. I shamelessly sang along to the first 3 songs, honestly shook that they played "The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver."