The Fading Light

As someone who typically is the one to reach out to work with bands, it’s always exciting to be the one getting approached for photo work. This time, it was with a new local band from Pittsburgh, PA called The Fading Light.

They were playing at the Smiling Moose in the grungy South Side neighborhood that night, so we decided to shoot at a few spots around the venue.

I got lucky and happened to park right in the middle of a wide white garage door to my left, and a cool gate to my right… so that became our first two locations.

IMG_6605-1 copy copy.jpg
IMG_6621-2 copy copy.jpg

Next up, a wall that I have photographed musicians in front of before. This beautifully imperfect light blue paint job makes for the perfect background.

IMG_6629-1 smaller.jpg

Finally, while shooting against colorful walls is fun, I much prefer the simple blurred background. The 1.8 aperture allows for that, making for striking portraits. I think I’m partial to the black and white…