See It All In Bloom

"No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart."

and when it comes to Hannah Hines, she is as beautifully radiant on the inside as she is on the outside. 

Despite not being extremely close, I always adore every moment I get to spend with her and was glad that I finally got the chance to shoot together while I visited Chicago this month! She recently moved near a gorgeous conservatory and I couldn't resist bringing my camera along when I visited. We only did a quick shoot in one room, but the bright vibrancy of the flowers complimented my colorful style perfectly!

I typically love to make my photos as pink/blue/purple as possible, and stay away from warmer tones. However, I thought I'd roll with the yellow of her pants and edit a little differently...

IMG_1031-2 copy copy smaller.jpg
IMG_1032-3 copy copy smaller.jpg
IMG_1030-1 copy copy smaller.jpg

While I was a little frustrated that I didn't have a portrait lens on me, which would have given me the desired blurred effect I was hoping for, I tried to still use the environment around me to keep the photos artistic and interesting...

Overall, I am very happy with the photos and already looking forward to working more with Hannah when I'm back in Chicago this summer!